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Who is Intrivo Co-CEO Reeve Benaron?

Reeve Benaron is a well-known entrepreneur and technology executive who currently serves as the Co-CEO of Intrivo, a technology-driven logistics platform. With over two decades of experience in the industry, Benaron has a proven track record of success in leading and growing innovative companies. Let’s take a closer look at Reeve Benaron’s background, experience, and achievements.

Reeve Benaron
Reeve Benaron


Reeve Benaron holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Princeton University and a Master of Business Administration from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He began his career as a consultant at McKinsey & Company before moving on to various roles in the technology industry.


Benaron has held several executive positions in notable companies, including as President and Chief Operating Officer of Deliv, a leading same-day delivery company, and as Vice President of Business Development at Zipcar, a car-sharing company. He also founded two startups, one of which was acquired by Hertz Corporation.


Under Benaron’s leadership, Deliv saw significant growth and expansion, doubling its footprint to over 100 markets and increasing its revenue five-fold. He also oversaw the successful acquisition of Zipments, a same-day delivery startup, and the development of a strategic partnership with UPS.


Benaron joined Intrivo in 2019 and currently serves as the Co-CEO alongside Mike Wychocki. Intrivo is a technology-driven logistics platform that provides end-to-end logistics services for businesses of all sizes. The company’s mission is to provide its customers with efficient and cost-effective logistics solutions while maintaining a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility.


Reeve Benaron is a seasoned technology executive and entrepreneur who has achieved great success in the industry. His experience and leadership have been instrumental in the growth and success of several notable companies, including Intrivo. With his innovative and strategic approach, Benaron is sure to continue making an impact in the technology and logistics industries for years to come.

Dane Jean
Dane Jean
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